Project Description


BoneScalpel MIS System is the latest, most advanced addition to the Misonix BoneScalpel System family. The BoneScalpel MIS System is a valuable tool in minimally-invasive spine procedures, requiring less space when incising or removing bone than an osteotome or a Kerrison rongeur. Spine surgeons can now more precisely, and with greater confidence, control their bone cuts in difficult-to-reach areas while better protecting soft tissue.

The BoneScalpel MIS offers:

  • Superior control in retractor and tube-based procedures for precise bone cutting of hard tissue while sparing soft tissue &  neural structures
  • Deep cuts through osseous structures with minimal blood loss, increased soft tissue protection and reduced hand fatigue for the treating surgeon
  • A large amount of viable autograft bone compared to shavers or burrs, potentially offering a cost savings in these procedures

The outstanding capability of the BoneScalpel MIS System technology makes it ideally suited for the limited access and visibility of MIS applications, where the margins of error are even tighter than those of open surgical procedures.


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