ALTERING LIVES Therapeutic ultrasound is an advanced technology with very unique characteristics that can improve surgeries around the world. Very similar to an ultrasonic cleaner that is used daily to make jewelry shiny, ultrasonic tools used in surgery are able to remove specifically targeted structures on a microscopic, even cellular level. Diseased tissues can be removed while important nerves in the proximity are spared. Collateral damage is kept minimal. Bleeding can be reduced and with the appropriate tool even stopped. Harmful bacteria can be destroyed and infection causing biofilms, like caries causing plaque, can be reduced. The formation of cell regrowth in open wounds can increase as can healing rates and patient outcomes.
ULTRASOUND EMPOWERS We at Misonix have recognized the tremendous potential in advancing surgical tools with ultrasound. We have made it our mission to offer surgeons superior tools for their challenging tasks and to facilitate surgeries that can be life-altering in their outcome. The results have been overwhelmingly positive – from both surgeons and patients. And this is why we are who we are: experts, leaders and pioneers in engineering advanced surgical tools – purely driven by sound. Ultrasonic sound.