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Why TheraSkin?

Do you have a slow-healing or chronic wound?

This could be a diabetic foot ulcer, a venous leg ulcer, or other difficult-to-heal wounds. It is important that these serious wounds with damaged skin receive the advanced care needed to avoid complications ranging from infection to even amputation.

Application of TheraSkin — a real human skin allograft — can replace damaged skin and can assist in healing most chronic wounds, even wounds that have not progressed for many months and have failed to heal with other therapies.

What is TheraSkin?

Real skin from one human to another.
It is real human skin, not synthetic or an animal derived product.

The provider of TheraSkin is LifeNet Health, a non-profit leader in regenerative medicine, and an innovator in human allograft processing and cryopreservation. TheraSkin, of course, meets or exceeds the stringent testing and processing requirements set by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How it Works

to help damaged skin.

TheraSkin is just like your own skin; it is biologically active. It has an at-ready supply of growth factors, cytokines and collagens.

Clinical studies show that TheraSkin can heal most chronic wounds (diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers).

As your wound heals, the TheraSkin will be absorbed or sloughed off in the healing process and be replaced by your own healthy tissue. When healed, the former wound area will not contain the original TheraSkin.

What Can I Expect

Healing – from one human to another.
It is real human skin, without any artificial or animal products.

Before you begin treatment with TheraSkin your healthcare provider will perform a physical examination and explain the treatments you will be receiving. Your examination will include checking for infections, which will need to be treated before TheraSkin can be used.


Your clinician will begin by preparing your wound. This may include removal of old and dead tissue. While this procedure can sometimes cause slight discomfort, it is very important that the wound site is properly prepared.

TheraSkin will then be applied to your wound site and held in place using a method that your clinician decides is best for you. Important — follow your clinician’s care instructions following your TheraSkin application to ensure your wound heals properly. Your involvement and compliance (following your doctor’s orders) is critical in the healing process.


Your clinician will schedule a series of follow-up visits to chart the progress of your wound healing. Every wound heals differently, but you will probably need a series of TheraSkin applications to heal your wound. Your clinician will counsel you on next steps.

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