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What is TheraSkin?

TheraSkin is an all human bioactive split thickness skin allograft with living cells, growth factors, and a native extracellular matrix. TheraSkin vascularizes to build granulation tissue and accelerates epithelialization to close wounds. It does this by harnessing the power and complexity that can only come from mother nature.

How TheraSkin Works

TheraSkin is a human, living split-thickness allograft that harnesses the power and complexity of nature to provide wound healing. Simple and ready-to-use, TheraSkin has the broadest indication possible and can be applied head to toe.

TheraSkin contains all the relevant human biological components (growth factors, cytokines, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and collagen types) required to close and replace damaged skin in hard-to heal wounds.

The patient’s wounds will use what it needs and slough off the rest. So when faced with a difficult to heal wound and you want to use a skin substitute, use TheraSkin with its demonstrated clinical efficacy, reliability, and affordability.

3 Major Components of Wound Healing in TheraSkin

TheraSkin’s ECM’s Mechanism of Action

Plantar Foot Infrared Spectroscopy

Living Cells, Localized Signaling Molecules and a Native ECM Promotes Healing Through Vascularization and Epithelialization


Use Protocols

Preparation Protocol

Application Protocol

Follow Up Protocol


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